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Friday, April 20, 2018

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade

Welcome to Eighth Grade.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 18:04

6th: Ancient History & Religion


Ancient History

Egypt "Pyramid" Project

-rough draft of 2 sides and completion of those 2 sides due Friday, April 13th


1. Lent & Holy Week Packet due Wednesday, April 11th

2. Test on Friday, April 13th

How to get log onto for assigned work:

1. Go to -

2. Enter class code 7P7C4W

3. Default password is 1234

Monday, 26 March 2018 06:44

7th: World History & Religion

World History

Medieval Japan Quiz - Thurs., April 19th

Medieval Japan Talk Show Notes - Mon., April 23rd 

Medieval Japan Talk Show - Present on Tues. April 24th


Class Retreat in the Condon Center - Friday, April 20th

***Updated as of Monday, 16th @ 11:48am***

American History

Please click on the above title to download the information for the Civil War Board Game Project. (website to get other Civil War info.)

1. Set #3 (Questions #31-45) of The Civil War Board Game due Thursday, April 26th at 7:55 am (must be emailed by using Google Docs - share with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

2. Board Game: concept, ideas, sketch, objective due Monday, April 16th

3. Quiz on "Westward" - Tuesday, April 17th

4. Quiz on "Division" - Thursday, April 18th

5. North vs. South Comparative Illustration - Thursday, April 18th

6. Lent Crucifix (with your burdens, sins, worries that Jesus carries) - Friday, April 19th

Research Paper

1. Outline for #1-2 mini-theses due Monday, April 16th


1. Lent & Holy Week Packet due Wednesday, April 11th

2. Test on Friday, April 13th


1. Museum of Tolerance Field Trip Permission Slip due Friday, April 13th

2. Yearbook dedication AND baby photo due Wednesday, April 18th (to Mrs. Resurreccion)

8th Grade Calendar (*Subject to change)

Week of the 16th --- bring in all necessary items to work on research paper (this will be the only class time students will be given to work on their research paper)
Tues., 17th --- Civil War Board Game Idea (include title, sketch, main idea, concept)
Tues., 17th --- History Quiz on "Westward"
Wed., 18th --- Field Trip to the Museum of Tolerance 
- Dress Uniform (uniform socks)
- Pack a lunch and snack
- Be at the school by 7:15am (will return to SAS at 4:00ish)
Thurs., 19th --- Comparing/Contrasting North vs. South Illustration
Thurs., 19th --- History Quiz on "Division"
Fri., 20th --- 8th Grade Hot Lunch Fundraiser
Sat., 21st --- School Auction 
Mon., 23rd --- Art Trek
Mon., 23rd --- Last day to work with partners on American Slavery Documentary
Tues., 24th --- History Quiz on "Civil War"
Wed., 25th --- Rough Draft of Research Paper
Wed., 25th --- 8th Grade Progress Reports
Thurs., 26th --- Civil War Board Game Set 3 #31-45 Questions
Fri., 27th --- Turn in Progress Report (signed)
Fri., 27th --- American Slavery Documentary due
Sun., 29th --- Pack for Catalina
Mon., 30th --- departing for Long Beach at 6:30am
Fri., 4th --- arriving back at Long Beach 3:30pm
Sat., 5th --- First Holy Communion (Kenya)
Mon., 7th --- Graduation Fee due
Mon., 7th --- Award Assembly
Mon., 7th --- Talk Show/News Program for Civil War Battle (starting assignment on this day)
Fri., 11th --- Civil War Board Game Set 4 #46-60 Questions 
Mon., 14th --- Civil War Board Game (Final Copy) of directions to the game
Fri., 18th --- Research Paper Due
Mon., 21st --- Civil War Board Game due
Mon., 21st --- (not sure yet) Jr. High Dance 12-2:30pm)
Wed., 23rd --- May Crowning School Mass 11am
Wed., 23rd --- Presentations of Civil War Battle Talk/News Show
Thurs., 24th --- NOON Dismissal
Thurs., 24th --- Color Run
Fri., 25th - Mon., 28th --- 4 Day Weekend (Memorial Day)
Tues., 29th --- English Final
Wed., 30th --- History Final
Thurs., 31st --- Math Final
Monday, June 3rd --- Retreat at Oxnard Beach Park (Parents will be BBQing) 
-wear class shirt
Tuesday, June 4th --- Grad trip to Magic Mountain 
-appropriate free dress
Wednesday, June 5th --- NOON Dismissal
                                   --- Field Day (wear class shirt)
                                   --- Banquet (in the evening)
                                           -casual nice to semi-formal???
                                           -More info to be sent out
Thursday, June 6th --- NOON Dismissal only for 8th graders
-free dress 
Friday, June 7th --- NOON Dismissal only for 8th graders (nice clothing)
                          --- Graduation Photos at 8am (bring gowns)
                          --- Prayer Service at 11am in the Condon Center
                          --- 5:15pm - Graduation Mass 
                              - bring gown with honor cords if you earned one and metals you earned to wear
                              - be at the school by 4:30pm




Wednesday, 21 March 2018 21:34

7th Grade Work - Due Tues., 27 March

Log onto ReadWorks Website for assignments to complete.


      2. Enter class code 3JJHCL

      3. Make your default password is 1234

Click on the link below to complete your web quest 

For your assignment to be accepted...

1. Write neatly

2. Write complete sentences

3. Turn it in on time (due Wednesday, March 21st)

Monday, 19 March 2018 19:23

7th - Feudal Japan Web Quest

Web Quest due Tuesday, March 20th - download the file
*Students had 2 class periods last week to work on this

Feudal Japan Test next Wednesday, March 28th

Thursday, 01 February 2018 16:52


  • Thursday, 03/22: 8th Grade Museum of Tolerance Field Trip (Dress Uniform)
  • Friday, 03/23: NO SCHOOL (Teacher CIP Mtg.)
  • Tuesday, 03/27: Shadow Stations
  • Tuesday, 03/27: 8th Grade - Final Payment for Catalina Trip
  • Thursday, 03/29: Early Dismissal 12pm (Easter Vacation)


  • Monday, 04/09: School Resumes
  • Monday, 04/09: Award Assembly
  • Wednesday, 04/11: Early Dismissal 12pm 
  • Wednesday, 04/11: Mr. Softee
  • Friday, 04/20: Movie Night
  • Monday, 4/23: Art Trek
  • Tuesday, 04/24 - Friday, 04/27: 6th Grade Outdoor Ed School ???
  • Saturday, 04/28: School Auction
  • Monday, 04/30 - Friday, 05/04: 8th Grade Catalina Trip


  • Friday, 05/04: 8th Grade arrives back from Catalina
  • Monday, 05/07: Award Assembly
  • Friday, 05/11: 7th Grade Retreat
  • Thursday, 05/17: STAR Testing
  • Wednesday, 05/23: May Crowning Mass 11am
  • Thursday, 05/24: Color Run
  • Thursday, 05/24: Early Dismissal 12pm
  • Friday, 05/25: NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, 05/28: NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day 


  • Friday, 06/01: Spirit Wear
  • Monday, 06/04: 8th Grade Magic Mountain Trip
  • Tuesday, 06/05: 8th Grade Retreat
  • Wednesday, 06/06: Early Dismissal 12pm
  • Wednesday, 06/06: Field Day
  • Wednesday, 06/06: 8th Grade Banquet
  • Thursday, 06/07: 8th Grade ONLY - 12pm Dismissal
  • Friday, 06/08: 8th Grade Graduation Pictures 8am
  • Friday, 06/08: 8th Grade Prayer Service 11am - Condon Center
  • Friday, 06/08: 8th Graduation Mass 5:15pm
  • Tuesday, 06/12: School Picnic
  • Wednesday, 06/13: Award Assembly
  • Thursday, 06/14: Early Dismissal 12pm
  • Friday, 06/15: Last Day of School - 10am Dismissal
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 19:17

7th World History

2nd Trimester History Final Exam (will count as 10% of their major grade) - Tuesday, March 6th


*Final Project Due: Friday, February 16th


 *Test on Friday, February 23rd





Tuesday, 26 September 2017 19:10


Journey Through Lent (Challenges) Essay - Friday, February 16th
Lent & Holy Week Packet and Test -  Monday, March 26th

Almsgiving - Raising money to donate to Heifer International


8th Grade Religion

The Bible: The Gospel of Matthew

Learning Outcomes:

1. In Matthew's Gospel, Jesus is the Messiah who springs from within God's people (the ancestor's of Christ) yet is destined to be the Savior of the whole world (symbolized by the Magi).

2. Jesus' teaching is opposed by the Jewish leaders.

3. Jesus is shown to be both human and divine, as witnessed by his Transfiguration and his miracles.

4. Jesus declares that Peter is the foundation of the Church, and sends us, his Church, into the world with a message of love and salvation.

Key Scripture Passages:

  • Matthew 1:117, 2:1-12
  • Matthew 12:15-21, 13:53-58, 15:1-9
  • Matthew 14:22-32, 17:1-9
  • Matthew 16:13-19, 28:16-20

Key Words:

  • Pharisees
  • scribes
  • Transfiguration
  • evangelize
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 18:53

8th American History

Click on the above "8th American History" to access the African American Biography Project Information and Rubric. Then scroll down the page and click on the document to download.

African-American Notes 2 - Tuesday, February 13th

2nd Trimester History Final Exam - Tuesday, March 6th

 TEST #3 - Monday, February 12th

1. Three Branches of Government

-What are their jobs?

-Qualifications for the job?

2. Bill of Rights

-Be able to give examples or explain for each one


Next Topics

-History of Slavery in America

-War of 1812

-Mexican American War

-Manifest Destiny

-Civil War

Upcoming Individual Projects (done at home): 

African-American Biography - March 1st  (please download the information and rubric for other due dates)
*Your report will also be a major grade for your English class

Final Big Project will be the Civil War Board Game due Monday, May 21st
-This is a huge project that will be a significant part of the student's 3rd Trimester Social Studies grade
-They should be working on this project weekly, once the third trimester starts
-This is not your average board game project...a lot of thought and hard work will need to be put forth into this project
-This project will have specific due dates along the way






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