St Anthonys Catholic School
Monday, January 22, 2018

Junior High Religion

Thursday, Jan. 11th - Quiz

Topic: Season of Advent and the Symbolic meaning of the Advent Wreath/Candles

Faith: Responding to God
Learning Objectives
Students will:
...examine faith as a gift from God that we can choose whether to accept.
...explore faith in the three elements of believing, trusting, and doing.
...reflect on the happiness and security that only God can provide.
1. Faith is believing in God, but it is also accepting that God made himself known through Jesus Christ, and living our lives based on that belief.
2. Faith is entrusting our lives to God.
3. Faith is a gift from God, yet it is also a choice we make.
4. We express our faith when we proclaim the Nicene Creed. Faith is an individual response to God, and also an act of the entire Church.
5. Faith is built on belief and leads to trust. In faith we allow God to guide our lives, leading to joy and happiness in this life and in the next.
6. Faith means acting on what we believe and doing small things with great love.
7. Faith means believing in one God, and allowing nothing else to take the place of God in our lives.
8. We have come from God and, through Jesus Christ and his Church, we can return to God.
9. We can be like Christ by doing God’s will—that is, choosing good and working for good in all circumstances.
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