St Anthonys Catholic School
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Faculty Profiles

Morgan Liffers

Third Grade

Morgan 2015



California State University Channel Islands
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

California State University Channel Islands
Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies

Personal History:

This is my third year at St. Anthony's and with it I have brought a rich and varied teaching experience. I first knew I wanted to become a teacher when I was teaching religious education at my church. I continued teaching religious education for grades K-2 for five years. My student teaching experience consisted of a K/1 combination classroom and a 3rd grade classroom. After graduating with my teaching credential, I continued to gain unique teaching experiences through a "wacky" science program, par educating for special education classrooms, and teaching a 3rd/4th grade classroom at a private school. St. Anthony's has allowed me the opportunity to put forth the skills gained from my background, while also helping me grow as an educator.