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Monday, September 24, 2018

8th American History

Click on the above "8th American History" to access the African American Biography Project Information and Rubric. Then scroll down the page and click on the document to download.

African-American Notes 2 - Tuesday, February 13th

2nd Trimester History Final Exam - Tuesday, March 6th

 TEST #3 - Monday, February 12th

1. Three Branches of Government

-What are their jobs?

-Qualifications for the job?

2. Bill of Rights

-Be able to give examples or explain for each one


Next Topics

-History of Slavery in America

-War of 1812

-Mexican American War

-Manifest Destiny

-Civil War

Upcoming Individual Projects (done at home): 

African-American Biography - March 1st  (please download the information and rubric for other due dates)
*Your report will also be a major grade for your English class

Final Big Project will be the Civil War Board Game due Monday, May 21st
-This is a huge project that will be a significant part of the student's 3rd Trimester Social Studies grade
-They should be working on this project weekly, once the third trimester starts
-This is not your average board game project...a lot of thought and hard work will need to be put forth into this project
-This project will have specific due dates along the way






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