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8th Grade Religion

The Bible: The Gospel of Matthew

Learning Outcomes:

1. In Matthew's Gospel, Jesus is the Messiah who springs from within God's people (the ancestor's of Christ) yet is destined to be the Savior of the whole world (symbolized by the Magi).

2. Jesus' teaching is opposed by the Jewish leaders.

3. Jesus is shown to be both human and divine, as witnessed by his Transfiguration and his miracles.

4. Jesus declares that Peter is the foundation of the Church, and sends us, his Church, into the world with a message of love and salvation.

Key Scripture Passages:

  • Matthew 1:117, 2:1-12
  • Matthew 12:15-21, 13:53-58, 15:1-9
  • Matthew 14:22-32, 17:1-9
  • Matthew 16:13-19, 28:16-20

Key Words:

  • Pharisees
  • scribes
  • Transfiguration
  • evangelize
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