St Anthonys Catholic School
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Homework and Assignments

Class Assignments (from previous and today):

1. Black historical figure graphic organizer.

Prewrite the speech in paragraph form using graphic organizer.

(Make sure to skip lines for corrections)

****BHM presentation will be Friday, March 2nd.

2. Continue Word Work- Unit 2.1

For Spelling words:  

80 points by next Friday, March 2nd

3. Keep reading and re-reading your Reading Comprehension book until you are ready to test

20 points total by March 8th. 


1. Read AR, log minutes on Bookpolis, be ready to AR test this week

2. Math Facts- (i.e. Splash Math, IXL, flashcards, skip counting, practice tests)

3. Study for "Morning Math, Week 9" quiz retake tomorrow

4. Math workbook p. 40 #1-24 even

You may use box method or traditional method


IXL focusing on this week:

Spend at least 10-15 minutes each.

ELA: D.4, D.5 Modal Auxiliaries

R.1 Context Clues

G.1 Prepositions


Y.1, Y.2 Symmetry

D.5, D.6 Multiplying 2x1-digits, 3x1-digits

E.1, E.2 Division and Division word problems

Friendly reminders:

Keep collecting your empty eggs for our confetti fundraiser. :)

Thank you to the families who have contributed thus far.


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