St Anthonys Catholic School
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Homework and Assignments

Monday, February 26th- Homework and Assignments

Today's Class Assignments
1. Math Morning Work- Day 3
Must have day 1 and day 2 completed also
 2. Black Historical Figure speech written out and ready for a week's worth of practicing. Speech must be between 3-5 minutes. Students may use notecards as an aid. At the time of your speech, you will need to hand in your graphic organizer and your entire speech on line paper.
3. Unit 2.1 Vocabulary definitions. Discussed and written on flashcards. 
Test on Friday. Study:
unfair- something that is unfair is not right or just.
ancestors- your ancestors are people who were members of your family before the present generation
numerous- a group of people or things
segregation- is the separation of people or things.
avoided- if you avoided something, you stayed away from it.
injustice-if an injustices takes place, something that has been done unfair. 
1. All of class assignments above. 
2. 10 points of Word Work- Unit 2.1
80 points due this Friday, March 2nd.
3. AR Reading and log minutes onto Bookopolis. 
Be prepared to test this week. 20 points total at the end of the 2nd trimester, March 9th.
4. Practice your speech at home. Speech has been moved to March 5th, due to Dr. Seuss day- Read Across America.
Gentle Reminders
-Noon dismissal today.
-Dr. Seuss/Read Across America this Friday. 4th graders may come dressed in their pajamas as long as they are themed pajamas. Sweatpants and gym shorts may not be worn.
-Keep bringing in those empty eggs for our confetti fundraising. :)


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