St Anthonys Catholic School
Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Homework and Assignments

Class Assignments

Assignment #1

Island of the Blue Dolphins Spelling/Vocabulary

       1. ravine

       2. leagues

       3. carcass

       4. barred

       5. shirkers

       6. stern

       7. lairs

       8. rites

-Ladders with vowels/consonants. Students had to write these Spelling/Vocabulary works in ladders form and write the vowels and consonants in different colors.

-Write each word in a sentence showing that you understand the definition. You may use your ELA notebook to help.

Assignment #2

Read or re-read John Sutter and be ready to test




Zearn- Equavalent Fractions, Lesson 3



Island of the Blue Dolphins

Re-read Chapter 7 and complete Constructive Response- Summarizing

List or draw six events that happened in Chapter 7 in the order that they happened.



-Please bring in permission slip form and payment no later than this Friday. 

-Scholastic orders are due Monday, May 21st.  

-Monday is our May Crowning Mass at 11am


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