St Anthonys Catholic School
Saturday, May 25, 2019

Weekly Lesson Plan 1/17/17

January 17,2017

Dear Parents,

Happy Tuesday I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.This week theme will continue to learn about Winter and Hibernation the children will learn what animals do during the winter for example: Bears sleep a lot in caves. We will be working on the letter Ee, sound,recognition of uppercase and lowercase,Shape oval ,number 9 and color Blue.Our religion lesson for the week is "I CAN MOVE " Being thankful to God for being able to walk, run, and jump. We are also learning the prayer Our father, and the sign of the cross. Please help your child at home with prayers.

If you can help your child find items that start with the letter,word,or theme of the week,please have them bring items or words on paper to class on Friday.

Notes and Reminders:

Pre-School special Hot Lunch: Friday, January 20th. We are still in need of juice boxes and Cuties,We are also in need of Parent Volunteers on this day.

January 18,2017 SCHOOL MASS. Students must be in Full Uniform.

Uniform Policy: As the weather begins to change, please remember to follow the uniform Policy that is outlined in our Parent Handbook. Sweater, sweatshirts, and jackets must have the school logo on them.Pants and shorts need to be from Dennis store Tiger forms will be issue to parents not obedient our Parent Handbook outline starting Monday 1/23/17

Best Regards,

Teacher Laura