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Welcome to preschool. 4 year olds.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 13:43

PK-2 Weekly News

Happy Tuesday! Our theme of the week is Apples.  We will discuss the different color of apples, and their lifecycle.  The letter of the week is Bb, the number 1, the color is red, and the shape is circle.  Our religion lesson this week is "My voice is special".  We will help the children discover the unique sound of their voice, and to use our voices to tell the truth and to speak nicely about others.  
Please remember to return your child's completed homework on Friday.  Please also have them use pencil when tracing and/or writing their name, and encourage to color the pictures.  
Please don't forget to sign up for text reminder.  Info was sent home in homework packet.  This is strictly for PK-2 class reminders.  Let us know if you have any questions. 
Thank you so much for your cooperation, and we look forward to another great week in PK-2.
* Friday, September 22- Share Day: bring something to share that starts with the letter Bb.
5th grade Hot Lunch: extra order forms in classroom.
* Tuesday, September 26- Picture Day:  Students must be in FULL UNIFORM with red sweater.

Have a blessed week! 

Monday, 15 May 2017 15:16

PK-2 Weekly News

Happy Monday!!! We first want to say THANK YOU for making us feel so appreciated these past 2 weeks. We are truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful school family. We also wanted to thank you for signing up for the Color Run. It promises to be a day of fun while promoting a healthy lifestyle. We hope our SAS mommies enjoyed their day yesterday, we know we did.
Our focus for this week is the letter Yy, reviewing shapes and numbers. Our religion lesson for the week is God gives us birds. We will help the children discover the variety, color, size, and habits of these delightful creatures that are part of God's natural world.


Make sure to stop by the library this week to check out our Book Fair.

Friday- TK Hot Lunch
Kona Ice $3.00

Sunday- Please join us on Sunday @ 10:30 a.m. for our last Family Mass. Students must be in FULL UNIFORM in order to receive FREE DRESS on Monday.


Have a blessed week!

Tuesday, 09 May 2017 16:13

PK-2 Weekly News

PK-2 Weekly News

Happy Monday! This week has been busy with lots of learning and crafts. Our focus for this week is Mother's Day, and our letter of the week is Xx. Our religion lesson is God gives us light. In this lesson about light, the children experience both light and darkness as a means of increasing their awareness of and appreciation for this gift from God.

Wednesday- Color Run Registration Forms are now due. We are hoping for 100% participation from our PK-2 students. We do not want any of our kiddos to feel left out. This is also a great opportunity for you to join in the fun!
Also, if you are still behind in your Fundraising Obligation, the total raised, including the registration fee will go towards your balance. It's a win, win for everyone!
Please help us reach our GOAL of 100% PARTICIPATION!

Friday- 5th Grade Fried Chicken Hot Lunch
3rd Grade Icecream Sale $3.00

We would like to wish our wonderful SAS mothers and grandmas a very Happy Mother's
Have a blessed week! Day! We hope your day is filled with hugs and kisses, and relaxation!

Have a blessed week!

Tuesday, 02 May 2017 13:42

PK-2 Weekly News

Hello Parents,

This week we are continuing working on the letter Q. Last week was Earth week so we focused on Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing waste. On Friday, we watched "African Cats." Please give your child new words that start with Q to add to our word wall. We are also going over shapes, how many sides does each shape have?, colors and numbers.

It is very important to bring back homework, we want to see that each child is practicing their names and writing the letters on their own. Try not to use highlighter or have them trace if the worksheet does not have doted lines. It's very important that the children try to write on their own.

Make sure you bring spoons and forks for your child for lunch and snack. Unfortunately we do not have any extras to give out. Don't forget to wear Spirit Wear Friday!! Also, PLEASE, bring your child to school before 8 am. We start circle time at 8 am and when we have children coming in it detracts the other children. We also lock the gate at 8 am and you will have to go through the office.

We have our Color Run Fundraiser coming up on Friday, May 26. We are hoping to have each student participate, so as a class we can all be together. We don't want any of our little ones to feel left out. This is also a great opportunity to come and participate in being healthy and either walk or run with us.

FYI Graduation is on June 14th!!!

Thursday, 27 April 2017 12:33

PK-2 Weekly News

Please help our classroom win a Pizza and Movie Day by attending our School Auction on Saturday.  You deserve a night out, and the children deserve a party day!
Friday- McDonald's Hamburger Fundraiser $4.00
Kona Ice $3.00
Students may wear their class shirts (Royal Blue T-Shirt) and blue jeans

Saturday- SAS Auction and Dinner Dance. This promises to be a night filled with fun and dancing. We hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 15:13

PK-2 Weekly News

Happy Tuesday! It's hard to believe we are celebrating Holy Week, and Spring Break is upon us. This year is flying by!
We are focusing on Holy Week, and have been discussing Jesus' life leading up to this week. We are also learning songs about the Easter Bunny, and getting ready for our Easter celebration on Thursday.
We hope you have a wonderful Easter, and restful Spring Break.


EASTER CELEBRATION- Thursday, April 13: We are planning a fun-filled morning with games and activities. Please make sure your child brings an Easter Basket and a cold lunch. If weather permits, we will enjoy a picnic lunch and Easter Egg Hunt. Also, if you would like to donate 12 filled-eggs for our Easter egg hunt, it will be greatly appreciated!
SPRING BREAK- Friday, April 14 - Friday, April 21. School will resume on Monday, April 24 at our regular time.

SAS AUCTION- Saturday, April 29: We hope to see you all at our school auction. It promises to be a night of fun and laughter, and we could all use a night away from the kiddos, especially after Spring Break! :)

NO HOMEWORK- We will not distribute homework packets for Spring Break, but please remember to continue to have your child practice the sounds of the letters, and counting objects.


Have a blessed week!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 15:26

PK-2 Weekly News

PK-2 Weekly News

Happy Tuesday! I don't know about you folks, but I'm having difficulty adjusting to this time change! I must say though I am enjoying the extra daylight...

Our focus for this week is Letter Ii, Numbers 1-5, the color green, and the shape is star. We will continue our lesson on Lent, and the sacrifice Jesus made for us.


Friday, March 17- We are celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a delicious breakfast. Your child will need a re-useable plate and a box of juices if possible. They may also wear GREEN free dress.

Kona Ice will also be here. Please send $3.00 with your child if you would like them to purchase one.

Sunday, March 19- Family Mass Students must be in FULL UNIFORM in order to receive Free Dress on Monday.

Have a blessed week!

Tuesday, 07 March 2017 16:34

PK-2 Weekly News

This Week's News

Happy Tuesday! Our focus for this week is Ocean Life. Our letter of the week is Oo, the shape is rectangle, and our number is 7. For our religion lesson, we will continue to discuss the 40 days of Lent, and the importance of this time.


We are having a St. Patrick's Day breakfast on Friday, March 17 and will need 2 Parent Volunteers to prepare, pass out food, and clean up after. You will need to arrive by 8:00 a.m. and stay until about 12:00 p.m.

We will be celebrating with our friends from TK- 4th grade. Each class is in charge of bringing something to share and Preschool is in charge of bringing juice pouches. If you are able, please bring 1 box of juice boxes to share.

Each child will also need to bring a reusable plate to use for their breakfast.

We appreciate your help.

Have a Blessed Week!

Monday, 27 February 2017 15:32

PK-2 Weekly News

Happy Monday! The season of Lent is upon us, and it is time to reflect upon and remember what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us.  We will discuss this time with the children, and the importance of it. 
We have a busy week ahead.  Our focus for the week is Healthy Habits.  Our letter of the week is Hh, and our shape is rectangle.  Sunny Smiles Dental Group will be visiting us on Tuesday to discuss the importance of taking care of our teeth.  We will also be celebrating Dr. Seuss on Thursday with a day of fun and silly activities!
Please remember to return your Re-registration packet ASAP.  Spaces are filling up quickly, and there will be a waiting list.
Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-Ups are now available on Shutterfly.  Please let us know if you are having difficulties signing-up.
Wednesday, March 1 - Student Mass at 11:00 a.m.  Students must be dressed in FULL UNIFORM with their Red Sweater.
Thursday, March 2- Dr. Seuss Day- Students may wear a Dr. Seuss t-shirt, or pajamas, or dress-up as Dr. Seuss.
Friday, March 3- Spirit Dress- Students may wear their Spirit T-Shirt and blue jeans.
Have a Blessed Week.
Monday, 13 February 2017 16:11

PK-2 Weekly News

PK-2 Weekly News
Happy Valentine's Day! Our focus for this week is Kindness! The letter of the week is Vv, and we will review our numbers, colors, and shapes.  Our religion lesson is "Love One Another".  We will discuss being kind and loving to one another all year long, as God intended.
We have a new behavior chart that we introduced to the children this past week.  We will also be sending home a behavior log, so you can see how their day went.  This folder will need to go back and forth each night, or you may  look at it before you leave.  Please let us know if you have any questions. 
*Your child may pass out Valentine Cards to their friends on Tuesday.  Please have them sign only their name.  There are 20 children in the class.  We have 2 new friends that will start tomorrow.
*The school will begin testing interested students for TK or Kindergrten for the upcoming school year.  Please work with us to prepare them for it.  You can review their letters and numbers with them, as well as making sure they complete their homework. 
*Tuesday, Febraury 14- Valentine's Day Students may wear RED FREE DRESS.  If weather permits, we are going to have a picnic, so please send a COLD LUNCH.  NO WARM UPS PLEASE!!!!
If you would like to send a sweet treat or snack, you may do so as well.
*Sunday, February 19- Family Mass Students must be in Full Uniform in order to receive Free Dress.
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