St Anthonys Catholic School
Thursday, October 18, 2018

Field Trip Itinerary


Chaperones should be at school by 8:30 am in order for us to leave and arrive by 9:00 am.  The following is our itinerary for the day:

9:00 am arrival ----Greeting/ go over rules 
9:00-9:45 ---petting zoo 
9:45---10:15 am barrel train 
10:15---10:30--hay ride 
10:30--11:00 bounce houses 
11:00---12:00 lunch 
12:00---12:30 hay pyramid 
12:30-1:00 pick your pumpkins ?
1:00: Head back to school
The following are the chaperones that I have listed as drivers.  In order to be fair, I selected the first volunteers that filled all 22 seats needed.  If your name isn't listed below but you would like to join us anyway, you are more than welcome to.  Just remind me via email.  You'll also have to pay for yourself once you arrive because I had to send the check for the field trip when I first booked the trip.  If your name is listed below but you are not able to join us, please let me know via email and I can have another parent fill your spot.  All chaperones should have a copy of their insurance and license turned into the office.  I'll check with the office tomorrow after school to make sure we're all set.
-Magana (Emily): 3 seats
-Torres: 6 seats
-Guerra: 3 seats
-Ines: 5 seats
-Cendejas: 3 seats
-Gogue: 2 seats
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